About Us

Our Origin

Milli is a Nahuatl Word ( native Salvadorean language) meaning –Parcel of land to feed a family-, Amantolli means- Artesan hands-; therefore, Milli Amantolli is a Brand that makes - sosteinable, natural, unique, hand stiched products to impact artesan´s familys wellbeing around the country, both economically and psicologically on their self-steem in 5 of the 14 departmets of El Salvador. We start our bussiness innovating in the fashion market with – quirurgical- cotton gauze scarfs and moved on to a beach fashion Brand, due to the freshness and originality qualities of our raw material .starting our first exportation sale in 2016 to British Islands. In 2017 we participated in our first international fair in New York , presenting two new lines of products, our cotton & Indigo hand stiched dresses, and Textile Art Therapy Kits with loom cloth, opening up a new export market in one of the 10 best toy stores in New York.

Our Artisans

Milli Amantolli con artesanas

Our artesans, most of them women from vulnerable situations, both economically and socially, one-parent house, and young entrepeneurs from 5 of our 14 departments of El Salvador. We are a teem of about 13 people.

Mapa de El Salvador

Our Process

Insumos productos para proceso de Milli Amantolli

Our principal raw material,100% natural Indigo dyed raw cotton, crafted by – Nina- ,a young entrepeneur who also cultivates her own Organic Indigo. Our designs , as a susteinable Brand, seek simplicity and uniqueness. Most of our fashion ítems respond to the original meassurements of the fabric, expressing our creativity to shape the piece to the human body with out cuts or - Zero waste-. We do not use scissers to cut the fabric, -which can interfere with the structure of the fabric- in its place, we do it by hand, with a technique called- rasgado-(can be seen in the initial video). Our pieces –Zero carbón foot print -are mostly hand stiched, some of them have more tan 1,000 stiches. We also identify as a –Human Brand- since our products are 100% hand stiched, every artesan leaves her – fingerprint-, her personality en every stich she makes to complete each product; therefore, we evaluate what can be considered –imperfection- as a natural part of our -human process-, making each pieze, Unique!

Our Products

Cojines. Productos Milli Amanolli

As a sustainable Brand, our products respond to our values, and reflect our creativity. Being our the principal product, our dresses, tunics & shirts (most of them -Zero waste-, our by products respond to a creative use of the fabric left due to the different sizes. Our Indigo paper & notebook, are made with reciclyed paper and the indigo fabric left after all the products are finished, or what could have been considered –waste-

Our Values


  • ZERO WASTE,  elaborating one-pieze dresses and designing creative by products to use the raw material 100%.
  • GREEN FUTURE, using cotton and natural dyes, elaborated and cultivated by local industries and artesans.
  • SLOW FASHION, seeking Quality,Durability, Relax & Unique Life styles
  • COLABORATION & LOCAL ECONOMY, elaborating products by artesan women from their homes, to allow personal care of their family, as well as colaboration products with other artesans around the country to improve their economy.


All our products are HAND MADE , crafted by young women, mothers and grandmothers ( most of them, singe parent housewholes, who need to work from therir house ) who may not be considered profesional artisans, but who leave their footprint and aim for a better future, in every stich they make. Therefore, our products allow our vulnerability as humans to error, in both the dying and crafting process . As a human brand, Milli Amantolli emphasizes the uniqueness of every piece in our collection.


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