Sustainable clothing and Wellness Brand

About us




All our products are HAND MADE, crafted by young women, mothers and grandmothers (most of them, singe parent housewholes, who need to work from therir house ) who may not be considered profesional artisans, but who leave their footprint and aim for a better future, in every stich they make. Therefore, our products allow our vulnerability as humans to error, in both the dying and crafting process . As a human brand, Milli Amantolli emphasizes the uniqueness of every piece in our collection.



Milli Amantolli began in 2016 as a brand, revealing its identity and vision through two Nahuatl words (the native language of El Salvador). The word ‘Milli’ signifies an artisanal piece of land, while ‘Amantolli’ refers to artisan hands. Milli Amantolli brings together artisans, designers, and artists from El Salvador who share a sustainable global vision aimed at strengthening social and environmental consciousness through community development. This includes women working from home, fair trade, zero-waste  and zero foot-print production processes for textile garments, accessories made from recycled , upcycled materials, and textile art therapy kits.



Our artesans, most of them women from vulnerable situations, both economically and socially, one-parent house, and young entrepeneurs from 5 of our 14 departments of El Salvador. We are a teem of about 13 people.


Crafting Process

The 100% artisanal production process in our collections makes each piece unique. The process begins with the extraction of dye from organic indigo leaves, avocado seeds, or coconut shells. Each piece of fabric is individually painted (some incorporate the Shibori technique). The fabric is then separated into the pieces needed to make the dress using a technique called ‘tearing,’ which avoids the use of scissors that can damage the fabric and create waste. Finally, the pieces are hand-stitched together. Most of the garments require between 300 and 1000 hand stitches.


Since all our pieces are hand-stitched, the type of stitch can vary from one dress to the next, depending on the personality of the artisan who crafted it. Hand stitches are like fingerprints, they manifest our identity; this is what truly makes us a Human Mark.” This is what makes Milli Amantolli, unique.



Milli Amantolli is considered a Human Brand, as our values revolve around individuals and the environment. We follow a circular production process and contribute to several sustainable development goals. Our artisans are mostly women with sewing skills, often in vulnerable settings. Many are single parents or grandmothers who choose to work from home in order to be close to their children, educate them, and improve their living conditions.