MILLI AMANTOLLI brings together craftsman, artists and designers from El Salvador in a global vision to strengthen the family around crafts as a means to cultivate a culture of peace.


Manage your STRESS and build up your CREATIVITY going beyond the drawing surface…Into a creative & therapeutic process.
By cutting, gluing and sawing bright pieces of handmade fabric from artisans of El Salvador, to reach YOUR CENTER POINT.



Yahualli (Nahuatl), like Mandala (Sanskrit) mean CIRCLE. A Mandala represents TOTALITY, a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relationship with infinity, extending beyond and within our body and mind.

What is the use of the Textile Art Therapy with Mandalas? It evokes a state of MENTAL STILLNESS AND RELAXATION, or a feeling of INTERNAL BALANCE and HAPPINESS, obtained by the mind when it is centered on an activity contained within a circular space. It is achieved by cutting and gluing, or hand-stitching pieces of cloth of different colors into a circular shape, guided by your own CREATIVITY and your inner wisdom

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Jaime Laínez

Jaime LaínezLa Libertad. Artista visual y artesano de papel reciclado hecho a mano Jaime empezó a trabajar con papel hecho a mano en 1996. Su inspiración …
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Zoilita Gómez

Zoilita Mate GómezSonsonate. Artesana indígena de cestería Zoilita considera el arte de sus manos como una herencia ancestral de la cultura Pipil, incluso según sus creencias- …
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Nina Flores

Nina Marcela FloresSanta Ana. Artesana y cultivadora del Añil La inspiración de Nina son sus hijas, la cultura y el arte. El cultivar y el trabajar …
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